Terms and Conditions

By employing our services, you agree to our simple terms and conditions.

– We send out automated text messages the night before we are due so that you can leave access areas unlocked.

– On the evening you receive the text, please let us know about any changes by reply to this text.

– We can clean through the light rain or short showers. (There are no significant impurities in rainwater, it doesn’t affect our pure water system and the result. If rain is heavy, we will not clean your windows.

– Payments are due on completion of the work carried out. To setup GoCardless, please go to the following web address and fill in your details:

– GoCardless are a company that collect direct debits for thousands of businesses, including Shark – gutter and window cleaning Ltd. Payments are protected, and a refund guaranteed by ISO27001-certified and Direct Debit Guarantee. GoCardless are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to provide payment services.

GoCardless only asks for payment after we have cleaned your windows and payment is collected 6 days after your clean. You will receive an email prior to your payment being taken informing you of the amount due and the date that the payment will be collected and you have full control as you would with any Direct Debit payment set up.

– All the work carried out we guarantee for 24 hours, so if you do have any issues, please let us know asap, and we will rectify it. Customer satisfaction is our priority.